Friday, October 30, 2009

Ok So I have been....

SICK! Very sick.
It all started last weekend. Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday were devoted to Hillary's shower. It is such work to throw a shower. I don't want to get into the shower until maybe Monday because I have so many good pictures of it and wont have them till then.
Well Sunday when all was done and the shower was over I went home to rest. Then my throat started to hurt. I thought nothing of since I had been so busy and stressed. Well Monday when I woke up it hurt more. At first I was excited to call in and get the day off to hang out with my mom. I went over there pretty early and we worked on cleaning up her house. She recently closed her own small business and had to close one of her offices at her job so she moved home two whole rooms of stuff. On top of that she moved out a entire room of accumulation to create a nursery. We worked hard on that Monday till Clayton got home.
We had dinner, went home and I went to bed. Tuesday I woke up and it was worse again so I called in a little less excitedly and went to my mom's. She watched Lilly while I slept a lot then later in the day we cleaned again. By the ed of that day I was pretty bad off and had called the doctor for a sick appointment. It was the next day and my grandmother was going to watch Lilly for me while my mom took me.
Tuesday night was Hell. I felt terrible and woke up every hour or so. Wednesday morning I woke up as Clayton was getting ready for work and decided I felt so bad he had better drive me because I was so bad off. I almost thought I had better go to the emergency room because my throat was swelling shut, there was no way I could possibly swallow anything. I got to my moms and slept a little while because she took Lilly. When I woke up we took Lilly to my grandmother's and off to the dr.
When I got there. I had to tell them about my new insurance and they kept asking questions..I had no voice because of my throat and it was horrible to talk. When I finally got it all out she said, " and" It was so embarrassing to be the only one in the crowded drs office.
Moments after being captured in this photo I realized it doesn't help to not cover my nose!
Well turns out it was just bad strept throat. My dr did not even need to culture it, he took one look and decided to give me a shot. I took the shot and the prescription and went on my way. Within maybe 5 hours I was feeling a lot better. That night we spent the night with my mom because I was still contagious and really weak. It was going to be just me, then me and Lilly and Clayton was sad so he decided to stay with us. It was nice having a night out of out house but I am sure our kitties were not happy. Today was my first day back to work and I was excited but man I am still having a rough time of it.
I am just looking forward to getting better, the weekend, Halloween and Fall Back and hour!

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