Friday, October 9, 2009

What an eventful night

Just as we were all crawling into bed to go to sleep Clayton handed me Lilly to feed and I realized she was poopy and it was coming out her leg hole of the diaper. It was dark in the room so Clayton looks at his hand and it had poop all over it. Then he gets up to get her cleaned up and it is all over my boppy pillow. He goes into her room and I follow. It is all over his boxers, I mean all over. The I come back to our bed and it is all over his pillow and his side of the sheet. He said he felt warm liquid but thought it was her drooling cause she does do that a lot. Yuck. Poor Lilly. Poor us. We had to change all bedding when we were ready to climb in for the night. Of course I got some pics. Mostly it is Lilly propped up in the bedding while we change sheets.

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