Thursday, October 1, 2009

Make the time

I decided I am just going to make the time to finish all this stuff I have been saying I am going to do. So tonight I am going to finish pinning my last two burp cloths while laying here in bed with Lilly. Then tomorrow I will make sure I sew them. I have to. I still have to cut out the pieces of my boppy pattern and get it made so I can mail my sis-in-law her present. Then I need to make our cousin's birthday present which is a tutu and a bow. Finally at the end of the month is baby Luke's shower. Since I am throwing it I have a lot of work ahead of me. I have some really great ideas.

First I am making him a book. It is going to be called Luke's Letters and it is going to be an ABC book and maybe even his colors because there will be so many people. It will have scrapbook paper as the background. Then cut outs on white paper to match the letter that people will draw, and a big white die cut of each letter will be on each page. The opposite page will be pictures of each guest creating Luke's book. I think it will be fun and a good keepsake for mommy and Luke.

The color scheme is brown and blue. I am thinking a theme of "Thank Heaven for Little Boys" or "Dirt, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails".

I am going to have a diaper decorating table and judge whose is best for a prize.

I want to have a "guess how many diapers" game.

Maybe some sort of photobooth of each guest with Mommy or maybe posing with belly and saying "take your first pick with Luke" or something along that.

I am going to have guests pick the due date on a calendar of November, December and January.

OK that's all for now I will add more ideas as they come to me.

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