Monday, October 5, 2009

The Weekend

The weekend went really well and really fast.
Friday was my parents night. Lilly and I stayed in town with them most of the evening.
Saturday at 9 MIL, Hillary, Bethany and I went to Canton. It's a giant craft and trade thing. You could honestly spend all weekend there and many people do. Its so fun. Once i get my Lilly's Frillies up and going I would really like to have a booth there. Its so packed and wonderful. I bought some tulle for tutus ( it was super cheap) a t-shirt for Clayton's grandmother who we call Nonnie because you almost never find anything that says Nonnie, and some headbands for my bows. So I guess most of the stuff I bought was a business investment.
When we got home from Canton Clayton and FIL had finished Lilly's new room which I have before and after photos of to post later. That was an amazing surprise because it is beautiful and we moved her in immediately. I mean she still sleeps with us but having all her stuff in one place is great.
That set us on a cleaning path and we got our new dinning room completely set up and ready to use. The we went to bed. This morning we let Sandra and FIL keep Lils for a while and cleaned our bedroom. We still need a bed frame and will get it tomorrow since the room is spotless.
The we got baby ready for Holly's birthday. She wore her blue jean shorts for the first time and it was adorable! We saw the fam at Holly's 5th bday celebration and I regretted not making her the tutu like I had planned so I am making it for her real bday...tuesday. It will be white and black with a little pink.
After party we went to target and got the table for my new crafting area and a new pink chair. We also got baby Luke his presents for this coming weekends shower. I will post pics because Hils doesn't read this blog yet.
My craft area is not set up yet but I printed the pattern for the boppy pillow cover from Vanilla Joy on my blogs that I read list. I gotta make at least three of those. One for me as a practice and then one for Hils and one for Luana.
I got a lot of great ideas from Canton this weekend but gotta work on the stuff I have already committed to this month. My list is long. It will be its own post.
Next weekend wont be nearly as productive but hopefully we will get house liveable since we can't really clean during the week its hard.
Next weekend is:
Friday- Elks football varsity game (Lilly's first! Class of 2026) then she will spend the night with DeeDaw.
Saturday- Starts with Wedding at 11 and lasts till about 3, then 50th anniversary party an hour away at 6 gotta leave by about 4.
Sunday- rounds out the weekend with Hill's first baby shower (not the one I am throwing).
Wow busy!
Tomorrow is dinner with FIL and Sandra to thank them for help with new room and Clayton getting a job.
Rest of week....idk.

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