Thursday, October 1, 2009


Below are some of the flowers I have made to sell and I have made Lilly a duplicate of each so later I can take modeled photos.

The first is this lovely purple one. Its a small flower and would look great on a headband or beanie.
Then there is this solid hot pink.
This orange is perfect for fall!
This is two toned pink.
An opposite two toned pink.
Bad picture quality makes this awesome plum look blueish but its really deep plum.
Can't go wrong with innocent white.
A good fall yellow but still bright enough to work in spring and summer too!
This is another purple like the first one but it is a larger version.
I still have a green to make and then this week I am going to pick up some more fall colors like brown, maroon, sage-y green, etc.

I also need to order some headbands and beanies. I love the new cotton colored headnands because there are so many options, the crochet are always nice and have some variety. I make my own nylon for babies and right now have white, ivory and black, need to pick up brown. The beanies I have never used but I am dying for little Lils to have a brown one!

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