Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It has been a while

I know it has been a while since I wrote. It is because of the weekend we had. We had been referring to this weekend as the weekend from hell all along.
It all began Friday.
Clayton came to my school for community helper month. He came in full scientist regale and it was so fun. The kids were just as excited about him being my husband as him being a scientist. They were so cute! They said things like, "You must be filthy rich". After that we went straight to MIL's house and then to dinner and on to Lilly's first Burleson Elks game. I already showed you her bow I made her but I failed to finish her onesie in time for the game. This turned out to be ok because it was freezing and she was bundled up completely for the game. No one would have seen it had I finished it. If I get it done we could go to the final home game on 10/30. IDK though if we'll go. My only regret of the night is we did not take her picture at her first game! Sad times.
Then Lilly spent her second night away from mommy and daddy and her first one away in 2 months which was really hard. I cried. She stayed with Clayton's mom so we could go to his cousin's wedding the next day. So when we woke up (early unfortunately) we showered and I actually got to fix my hair and put on make-up. The wedding was at a beautiful church at TCU and then the reception was at the renowned Reatta restaurant. Fabulous and traditional.
We got home from that to get Lilly at about 3:30. The on to my parents because we were all car pooling to West together for my great aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary. It was fun because a lot of the attendees had not seen Lilly yet. We stayed there until about 9 and then went home. Finally got to our house and settled by about 11pm.
Woke up the next morning and had to get ready to take hubby into town for laundry, Lilly to my mom's for the afternoon and I had to go to SIL's first baby shower. It was really fun but just work and time away from Lilly. Once we got home about 6 or 7 FIL wanted to see Lilly so we took her to his house and ran home to make dinner, and finish all dishes before she came home. We got a lot accomplished but it was the weekend from hell.
Luckily Monday was a holiday so Lilly and I slept in (when do we not) and then went into town to eat and hang out with my mom. We got home about 7 and had already had dinner. It was nice. We just sat around, talked and played with Lilly.
Today was supposed to be Pictures and then staying with Sandra but the Photographer is a friend of the family and does it out of her home. Well her son went to hospital Sunday night with Swine Flu so we canceled in case anything was in the house that might make Lilly sick. So instead me and Sandra went shopping for Hillary's baby shower not this weekend but next. When we got back to the house with lunch Lilly was having a bad time with gas, she screamed for a good while and it broke my heart she as in such pain. Between her pain and my still overly tiredness from the weekend I ended up calling in sick to work. I was really worried she was coming down with something. Sandra went a head and kept her though and let me nap. I woke up and Clayton was home. We got Lilly and made dinner, watched some tv and I worked on some stuff.
Then my mom called and said my aunt called and said my cousin was in the hospital since Sunday with Swine flu and he was at party Saturday night so now I am more worried about Lilly than ever.
That brings me up to now. I am better rested and ready to face the rest of the week. AND we have no plans for next weekend! Yay!

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