Friday, October 30, 2009

Re-doing that To Do list before this month is over

1. Finish 2 paisley burpies
2. Finish 4 dot burpies (2 for Luana, 2 for Hillary)gonna leave these on to be finished tomorrow or Saturday
3. Cut and finish paisley boppy cover-Move this one to November since it is for me and not in a hurry
4. Cut and finish 2 dot boppy covers- I have finished one and gonna leave it on to finish before November
5. Make handmade labels-November
6. Make Luke's fleece blanket
7. Make Lilly's curtains-November (can't find fabric I like)
8. Holly's tutu
9. Luke's tie onesie-moved to the Christmas List
10. Nick's tie onesie-moved to the Christmas List as well
11. Flyers for Lilly's Frillies- in the process but let's say November
12. Business Cards for Lilly's Frillies
13. Lilly's Elk Bow
14. Lilly's Elk onesie-this might get done tomorrow but it might get scrapped all together
15. Cut squares for Lilly's and Alexandra's quilts-Christmas List but in progress
16. Sew quilts-Christmas List

New and Improved November-for now
1. Lilly's Curtains
2. Lilly's Bedskirt
3. Paisley Boppy Cover
4. Handmade Labels
5. Flyers
6. 10 or 12 more burp clothes to be spread between me, my mom and the nephews

Christmas List-for now
1. Lilly's Quilt
2. Alexandra's Quilt
4. Holly's Quilt
5. Luke's Quilt
6. Niko's Quilt
7. David's Quilt
8. Tie onesies for Niko and Luke
9. French Message board for Morgan
10. Throw for my mom and dad

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