Monday, October 5, 2009

October to do list

1. Finish 2 paisley burpies
2. Finish 4 dot burpies (2 for Luana, 2 for Hillary)
3. Cut and finish paisley boppy cover
4. Cut and finish 2 dot boppy covers
5. Make handmade labels
6. Make Luke's fleece blanket
7. Make Lilly's curtains
8. Holly's tutu
9. Luke's tie onesie
10. Nick's tie onesie
11. Flyers for Lilly's Frillies
12. Business Cards for Lilly's Frillies
13. Lilly's Elk Bow
14. Lilly's Elk onesie

I may add to this later if I seem to be making process but until then, this seems like a lot. I am excited and scared.

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