Monday, October 5, 2009

Lilly's New room before and afters

This is the new room for Lilly when we were first working on it. We had to cut doors which you see in this picture.

The cats, Nina the white one and Ollie the black one, decided they needed to help or hinder the project too.

This is her finished yet unpainted room, its wonderful! I love it so much! Clayton still needs to make the drawer for the dresser. He is so proud of his first big DIY project. Me too I love the dresser.
Proud daddy admiring his work.
There will be shelves above the clothing but they still need to be painted white. There will also be storage below but we are still deciding on that.
The rugs are my favorite because the floor is painted cement and it was important to have something soft. I love the colors. The soon to be made curtains will match these.

So what'd ya thing? I absolutely love it. It turned our apartment from a one bedroom to a two! Its nice. I have to switch to the old computer to do it but I am going to post next Lilly's old room and what it turned into. Then our next project!

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