Sunday, October 30, 2011

Been Busy

We at the Mercer house have been extremely busy. Well that has actually just been the past 5 days. Before then I have no excuse and I don't actually remember a time before then.

Lilah Violet
October 25th 2011
6lbs 12 oz
19 1/2 inches long

See ya soon I hope. Mostly just to talk about my two beautiful girls.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Would you believe that I have been so busy crafting that I have had a hard time finding time to blog? I am in that nesting stage before Baby Lilah comes so all I want to do is get stuff ready her to come...not the boring stuff like cleaning but the fun stuff like making a new shower curtain and building shelves and nightstands. I want to post pictures of all the stuff I have finished but I also want to make that its own post. So you'll just have to wait. Sorry.

2. I became an Aunt again today! My older brother Michael and his wife Luana had their second son today at around 7:15 am. Nathaniel David had an exciting last few weeks in utero but came into this world healthy and happy. He was 7lbs 4 oz and 19.5 in. Mommy is doing well too! I am very sad that we wont be able to visit for a while at least until 6 weeks after our baby comes so at the earliest Christmas! Lilly sure loves her cousins, even if all three of them are BOYS!

3. I start back to work Monday. Its only 15 hours a week but I am still apprehensive about leaving Lilly for a scheduled amount of time everyday. The extra income is worth it because it is just enough to keep us out of stressing over money. This also means the school year is starting and I will be writing a curriculum for Lilly to start. Nothing to strenuous but enough to be structured and educational play. We hope to be able to put her in mother's day out in January so this will be a good jump start. I just need to order the stuff I want and get it all together in one place so we can be organized.

Sorry no pics this time. Blogger is no being nice.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We Moved!

It has been a long time but it hasn't been all my fault that I have been MIA. We Moved! That meant no internet for 2 weeks and in the past 4 weeks we have hosted 2 parties at our new house and held our small group church once and will again Sunday. I also hosted a full Harry Potter 7 movie marathon and watched kids during the day. Needless to say we are NOT finished unpacking and there is NO light at the end of the tunnel thus far. I am not discouraged though because I love it!

Just a peek at the unfinished playroom off the backyard!

I have had loads of help along the way too from people actually coming over and putting in the man hours to family keeping Lilly for us. We have painted 4 rooms completely and are in the process of finishing a huge mural for the girls' room. You'll just have to wait for pictures on that.

Did you catch that though. It's gonna be another girl! Lilah Violet is just about 15 weeks away from her big debut. So we made the decision to have the girls share a room even thought we will still have a spare because we thing it will teach good things to both girls and allow them to be closer. Its a big room too. Bigger than the master. Plus there is the HUGE playroom to house all toys so all that goes in the room are the room essentials, crib, bed, 2 dressers, etc.

Most of the house looks nice its just missing the stuff that makes it our house. Clayton likes it this way he wishes I would just forget about all the stuff that is still in the old house that still needs to be moved. It has been so nice to not have a moving timeline. Since my in-laws owned the house we last lived in we haven't had to be out by a certain time and we move at our own pace. I know at times they have wanted us to speed up the process but we'll be out soon.

I have quite a few posts that are needing to be written and I hope there is time for that soon. Right now I am a full time mommy and loving every minute of it. I finally unpacked my sewing machine a few days ago while Lilly was at Grandma's and it was nice!

So look forward to Lilly's 2nd birthday, finishing her princess and the pea quilt top, the girls' room mural and much more!

love ya,

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Today is the day! Will it be a boy or a girl? My check up is today and they will be doing the 20 week sonogram so I am really stinking excited BUT I still wont be finding out until the 2nd along with all my friend and family at the gender reveal party. I will come back and post the other exciting information though!

2. Last night we got the clear to close on our house for Friday! We are super excited and have it all planned out how we are going to move in and paint and what to buy and when. It is so much fun. But also a lot of stress because I have developed a fever blister which means I am stressed. Yuck no fun!

3. Our fridge went out! I know right perfect timing since we are moving in a matter of days but with a not-quite-two-year-old and a pregnant momma it is no fun in the heat of Texas to not have a fridge ever. All of my hard work stocking up on cheap meat went into the trash. 3 trash bags full from the freezer because once we noticed it it was too late to save any of that. The fridge we saved it and had to run into town to Clayton's mom's house until we buy our new fridge. Which thank the Lord we already were planning on buying a new one for the new house. This one is not even actually ours it is Clayton's Dad's. I feel bad for them but I do think it is fixable.

So there is my the the OBGYN!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Family Friday- Luke, Lilly and the Motorcycle

Even though my family is not really related to Luke they sure adore him. So I asked Hillary if we could keep him for the day and we went to my parents to let the kids play.

First they played all over the tricycle. Lilly loves the be pushed around on it and she usually wears this tiny baby helmet and elbow pads.

We were mostly on the grass though so no big deal.

She thought she was so cool sitting on it backwards.

My dad pushing her.

Sweet girl

What one does the other has to too so on jumps Luke.

The we gave Luke his first Motorcycle experience. He loved it!

This is Lilly's second time on the bike and she doesn't want off once she gets on.

She knows where Grandpa turns it on and so she tries to touch the same stuff to make it roar!

Luke looking at all the buttons to push.

Looks like a natural.

We need to send this one to Daddy.

Luke didn't want off either.

Lilly resting on the swing.

My dad with Luke. They all just love that Luke will come to them and let them hold him. Lilly is all over the place and wont stay still for them. We had so much fun with Luke. It wont be the last time we take him for a little family time.