Monday, October 5, 2009

Lilly's old room

Before we redid all the walls and stuff we built our baby's crib. It is beautiful and it would have went smoothly if we had not used the wrong screws first and had to redo it all!
Clayton removing wallpaper from what is going to be Lilly's room before we move in. It is actually the dinning room!
He's happy to do it.
Clayton refinishing the old dresser that was his dad's when he was little. Its going to be really special for Lilly to have growing up. It also is perfect for a changing table.

I am so proud of him because Texas summers are really hot and he worked so hard!

Besides missing a drawer he still has yet to make, and luring kitties into it, the dresser is perfect for my little Lilly and I love the green changing pad cover!

I know you shouldn't paint when you are pregnant but I was going crazy and all I did was cut in. I can't believe she was born 8 days later and I was put on bedrest that week.

MIL painting her picture frame on wall!

Daddy putting letters in picture frame box!

Doesn't it look nice!
I love love it!
This is Lilly's first room. It was adorable but since it was in a dining room it had no doors and was only against that one wall. It just wasn't the best it could possibly be and her new room is going to look just like it.

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