Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's here!

It is officially my birthday! 24! It just doesn"t seem real. I know I am married and I am a mommy but I feel like I am still a kid. Maybe that is why I still Love Love my birthday. I am so excited it is finally here.
I get to go to Red Lobster to eat endless shrimp I am so excited.
I am starting to plan all my Christmas presents and crafts. I can't really talk about the presents because some people read this, I know its hard to believe. The other stuff though is ok.
I plan to make our families stockings. I want them to look old timey but made out of felt with thick stitching.
I also would like to make a Christmas fleece blanket for our house.
An advent calender to count down the days till Christmas.
A quilted table runner and matching napkins.
These will all be on my November and December to do lists because I need to save up the funds for them.
I still need to post pictures of my finished tutus and finished burpies. I need to take pictures as I go with my boppy cover and maybe create my first tutorial. That would be exciting. I also bought the fleece for the babies blankets so all I need to do is put them together.
Hillary's shower is this weekend so I got a lot to do for that and I will be taking pictures and maybe passing along some tips that were helpful in planning a baby shower.
Yesterday Lilly took her 3-month pictures and we got 73 good ones. They are mostly halloween centered like in her costume or in a pumpkin outfit but there are some more of her in her tutu and then in just a diaper with me. I love them and can post some of them soon too. Her next pictures are on November 13th her 4-month birthday...if that makes any sense.
Now its just time to lay down and sleep next to my baby.

P.S. I got my first order for flower headbands today. Two actually. So I will post pics of those as I go as well.

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