Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I have been...

I have been so tired.
I even had a day of rest when Lilly slept over at my mom's since she is off for vacation. The weekend wasn't stressful but the upcoming one is with Hills shower. I have so much going on for it as the hostess that I have neglected my duties in gift giving.
I have finished her burpies in brown and blue dot but still need to cut the pattern for the boppy cover, cut the fabric and sew the boppy cover. Thats at least an hour of solid work. Do I ever have a solid hour of work? No.
I still need to make fleece blanket as well. Thats like 15 minutes though and that will make for Luke and one for Niko.
I gotta go with my mom to babies r us and get the bought gift which is her diaper genie and I don't know what my mom is getting her.
Then I need to get things for her shower like all the food supplies I need, two cheap-o things of diapers for diaper game, markers, two things of good diapers for diaper guessing game, container for diapers, letters for ABC book, blue and brown spray paint, blue, white and brown tissue paper, blue, white and brown tulle, cups, 2 more prizes for hills, two or three prizes for guests, piggy bank full of change for shaking ans guessing the amount, calender to guess due date, cute thing to go into chair for pics with Hillary and I am sure I am missing some stuff but my brain is dead. Well I am going to bed with my baby since I was without her last night!

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