Monday, November 2, 2009

More on the baby shower

I am feeling a lot better now and so far Lilly has not caught anything. That reminds me to go and take my night dose of antibiotics. BRB
OK so now that I am feeling better I can catch up on everything, mostly blogging, crafting and cleaning.
Ok so I wanted to write about all the stuff I made for Hillary and Baby Luke's shower. I did not take any pictures because I made this all so last minute I was working until the minute I left for the shower. I will however have pictures from the shower asap.
I made two burpies in a brown and blue corduroy. I just bought the cloth diapers, Gerber brand I think, I then cut strips like 8 or 9 inches by 18 inches. Then I folded the edges over and zig zag sewed around the edges. It looks really good and I am proud of it being my first sewing project.
I then made a matching boppy cover from the economical baby pattern. It was fairly easy to complete and only took me about 45 minutes total. It was my first zipper! It fit really well and I want to make me one out of some other fabric I have laying around.
I bought some nice fleece Hills picked out and made her a small blanket for covering the carrier. Just a simple tie around the edges one. It was my first however and I learned a good lesson that 1 yard by 1 yard is not enough and any other time besides for this newborn baby it will have to be more.
Then at the last minute I made her my favorite part of the whole thing. I made her some pee pee tee pees. They are for covering the little guy's tiny parts so he can't spray mommy or daddy. I made her 4 out of 1.25 worth of fabric. It was such as good deal! I loved them! I will be making more of them in the future.
I also got her 6 cans of formula. But that's all for the gifts. Now on to the actual shower.
Food wise I made chicken salad sandwiches, an entire loaf of bread worth. Then another loaf of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in honor of the little guy. I made some spinach dip with Hawaiian bread and then a luscious fruit dip that was a knock off of one from Jason's Deli. I made the punch as well. It was a random find on line and it was amazing. It was blue punch so it worked for the blue/brown theme and it involved sprite, blue hawaiian punch, orange and pineapple concentrate and frozen raspberries. Love loved it!
My mil made queso and chips and a veggie tray with dip.
My mom brought sweet tea and unsweet tea from chicken tea in the world.
My step-mil made potatoe salad-it's famous, tortilla roll-ups, a fruit tray and her and my fil made pulled prk sandwiches and sauce. Between the two of us we made coffee.
Bethany, Hill's best friend had her mom make the cake and it was freaking amazing...there will def be pics of that.
decor wise we had the tissue paper puffs/balls from martha stewart and they were amazing looking. I kept a white one for Lilly's room so you'll see it. They are good for any party and I will probably make them again.
One the main tables we had blue, brown and white table clothes and then we had 3 groupings of pictures. Two in each, one of Hillary as a baby and one of Cade as a baby. They were a big hit.
Then there were vases of flowers and they had blue and brown bows around them.
Clayton and Cade's cousin who made me a diaper cake made Hillary a diaper cake and another basket that was decorated. It had some really cool stuff in it, instead of flowers it had cat's tails and tall grasses, very boy! Then in had a Marine rubber ducky. I loved it! They both worked very well as decoration and gifts. Rachel makes these for a little bit of spare cash on the side. She is pretty darn good at it too!
We had a lot of games first when people came in they could pick what day they thought Luke would be born on, so I had calendar pages for every day between now and her due date as well as a month later. Then we played the normal clothes pin game but with a twist. We painted them blue and brown and wrote words on them in white. These words were the words that could not be said: Boy, Luke, Mommy, Daddy and baby. So if you had two pins, like we gave everyone to start, and they said Mommy and Luke those were the words you could not say. The more pins you stole from people the more words you couldn't say. Then we played the toilet paper game. She was so tiny! Her mom and sister were the two that got it right! How weird. The best game was my favorite part. We made Luke a letters book. Everyone drew a letter and was to create a picture to correspond to that letter and I am going to bind it and laminate them for Luke first book of letters from everyone who loves him. I loved the idea and I am still working on the ending part of it. Hopefully by Christmas. Since it was such a large shower we spent a long time opening gifts.
Over all it was a lot of fun but I might wait a while before I do another one. It was a lot of work with a 3-month old of my own and probably ran me close to $400 and I only paid for half. Boy was Clayton pissed. She loved it though! That's all that matters.

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