Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Swine Flu

OK so I am a teacher and from my last post you know I work with elementary age kids in an after school program. So Yesterday we were told one of our instructors had two family members sick with H1N1 and we decided to rededicate ourselves to sanitizing everything.
Today we find out that two or more of our students who come everyday have swine flu. At this point I just about lost it. I have a two month old and my sis-in-law works with me and is 28 weeks pregnant. We both do not need to be exposed to this. I need the money though. Obviously Lilly is more important than money, I know that.
How do I know when I am overreacting? I just know, now that I am a parent, I cant be too careful. If anything was to happen to her....I can't even fathom how to finish that sentence because I can't imagine something happening to her...its too bad. She is laying here in bed next to me with Clayton's arm around her I just keep praying for her safety. I need to know what to do to keep my chances down of getting and passing it on to my darling little girl.

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