Tuesday, February 8, 2011

When they think you're gonna zig, zag!

Even though the last two projects I have shown you are far from done I have another quilt I am working on for Lilly. I have high ambitions to give this to Lilly for her 2nd birthday along with a sheet, dust ruffle and two pillow cases. It is a zig zag quilt made with this tutorial.

This is the hardest quilt for me yet because I have a hard time picturing how to lay out the squares. Plus all my edges aren't lining up so I have a quilt-induced headache. Really I just need to learn how to cut my fabric more consistently and correctly.

I love, love the fabric. It is just from Hobby Lobby but the color palette makes me swoon. I wanna buy a ton more of it so just in case I have another daughter I can have enough to make her matching bedding for when they share a bedroom.

You will have to forgive my photos because here in Texas it snowed---- A LOT! and it is dim and dark around here and the only place I could lay out the pattern was on my king sized bed and it happens to be in my bedroom with PANELING! yikes! However we rent and cannot change anything are really are just appreciative to have a place to live so...

This is the jest of it.

If I was taller maybe you would be able to see it all :(


But alas I love the way it is shaping up and hope to have more done soon!

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