Thursday, February 10, 2011

Three Things Thursday

I got three things thursday from a friend and her blog. So I thought this would give me a something to occupy my time and also a place for the ramblings that don't fit elsewhere.

1. I started my new temporary job today. For the next six weeks I am bringing light to young adolescents and their journey to find enlightenment in the eyes of the elders of knowledge. In other words I am tutoring 7th and 8th graders in Reading for their upcoming TAKS tests. Despite the above pictured woman I really enjoyed it. The kids were good and paid attention. I had a max of 6 in each class and I loved what I was teaching today. It is really like teaching. I miss it so much.


2. I am trying to read the Bible in 90 days and failing miserably so far. I started 1/1/11 so I should finish at the end of March but I am bout 10 days behind which is A LOT when there is only 90 total. However the main goal is just to read God's Word and I celebrate the small things so.....
Genesis √
Exodus √
Leviticus √
Numbers √
Deuteronomy √
Joshua √
Judges √
Ruth √
1 Samuel √

3. I went to a MOPS meeting for the first time. I heard about MOPS from Clatyton's aunt when I was pregnant and just got around to going. It was a lot of fun. This month's speaker was a psychologist that spoke mostly about marriage and the roles of men and women (biblically). I hearted it and will join for good. Next month is wood burning....

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