Monday, February 14, 2011

The Best Years of Our Lives #37

Movie Monday

This movie was good. It appealed to my history-loving nature. It covers a topic we don't always talk about here in America. The crippling effect was has on its winners. These three men come home to completely different situations after WWII but all are struggling. It is so sad that this is true but it really even applies to today and our Service men and women.
My brother is a Marine and he leaves for Afghanistan this week. I fear for him because I want him to return but also fear for him because of what he will see and then have in his mind the rest of his life.
This movie is more about how things have changed since they were last here as well as how they have changed. Most obviously is Homer who went from high school star quarterback with a lovely girlfriend to an armless man who needs assistance doing almost anything. If his bedroom door got shut on accident he was stuck in there.
Overall it was an eye opening movie and a great story at that. I would recommend it and watch it again.

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