Friday, February 4, 2011

Family Friday- Ft Worth Stock Show

Saturday January 22nd-

We went to the Fort Worth Stock Show with my best friend from high school who has a daughter 6 weeks older than Lilly. We tree to do something together whether with the whole family or us two every month.

Olivia was so interested in the animals and could say most of their names and the noise they make. Makes me excited for how much Lilly will grow in the upcoming months in her vocabulary and knowledge.

This is Lilly in her cow crown and hoodie because it was getting cold.

Horrible picture but this horse was upset and neighed really loud and scared the girls to death.

The only picture of me, the camera man.

The girls were restless so we took them outside to run around and they found hay to climb on.

Love that face!

Needed a drink in the middle of all these animals

The group checking out baby ducks

Lilly couldn't get close enough!

Daddy was having fun

The girls are checking out some pigs. I love how they both have to squat down and get lower.

Olivia pointing and telling me

We walked out of the sheep barn and right there was a cow tied up and the girls got to touch it and they were having a ball

Lauren and Olivia. Dustin did not get to come he was sick :(

She is so adorable!

Fun, fun day. We need to do more things like this. It helps that we got in for free because of our museum passes!

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  1. Super fun day! Love these pictures!

    Next get-together we have to make "pillow case" dresses for the girls. I think that is what they are called. :)