Friday, February 11, 2011

Family Friday- The Beard

Clayton had a scheduled month off of work from Dec 17th thru Jan 17th. During this time he felt he would grow a beard...not my favorite but whatever. Here is a photo montage of "the beard".

Fairly early stages still a little sparse.

Christmas morning and it seems to be coming in nicely.

Clayton and Fusigi ball the day after Christmas.

Lilly loving on the beard. Really it scratched her face and would cause red marks...

The night he was shaving it off. I ended up liking it ok but not liking kissing him with it. Sorry honey.

In our red shirts his beard looks so red.

He had to stop and take pictures at all the weird looking stages.

All the meanwhile Lilly is in the bathroom with us paying.......with a tampon. Poor child we don't buy her real toys.

All fresh and clean. Looking back to normal and about ten years younger again.

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