Thursday, June 23, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Today is the day! Will it be a boy or a girl? My check up is today and they will be doing the 20 week sonogram so I am really stinking excited BUT I still wont be finding out until the 2nd along with all my friend and family at the gender reveal party. I will come back and post the other exciting information though!

2. Last night we got the clear to close on our house for Friday! We are super excited and have it all planned out how we are going to move in and paint and what to buy and when. It is so much fun. But also a lot of stress because I have developed a fever blister which means I am stressed. Yuck no fun!

3. Our fridge went out! I know right perfect timing since we are moving in a matter of days but with a not-quite-two-year-old and a pregnant momma it is no fun in the heat of Texas to not have a fridge ever. All of my hard work stocking up on cheap meat went into the trash. 3 trash bags full from the freezer because once we noticed it it was too late to save any of that. The fridge we saved it and had to run into town to Clayton's mom's house until we buy our new fridge. Which thank the Lord we already were planning on buying a new one for the new house. This one is not even actually ours it is Clayton's Dad's. I feel bad for them but I do think it is fixable.

So there is my the the OBGYN!

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