Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We Moved!

It has been a long time but it hasn't been all my fault that I have been MIA. We Moved! That meant no internet for 2 weeks and in the past 4 weeks we have hosted 2 parties at our new house and held our small group church once and will again Sunday. I also hosted a full Harry Potter 7 movie marathon and watched kids during the day. Needless to say we are NOT finished unpacking and there is NO light at the end of the tunnel thus far. I am not discouraged though because I love it!

Just a peek at the unfinished playroom off the backyard!

I have had loads of help along the way too from people actually coming over and putting in the man hours to family keeping Lilly for us. We have painted 4 rooms completely and are in the process of finishing a huge mural for the girls' room. You'll just have to wait for pictures on that.

Did you catch that though. It's gonna be another girl! Lilah Violet is just about 15 weeks away from her big debut. So we made the decision to have the girls share a room even thought we will still have a spare because we thing it will teach good things to both girls and allow them to be closer. Its a big room too. Bigger than the master. Plus there is the HUGE playroom to house all toys so all that goes in the room are the room essentials, crib, bed, 2 dressers, etc.

Most of the house looks nice its just missing the stuff that makes it our house. Clayton likes it this way he wishes I would just forget about all the stuff that is still in the old house that still needs to be moved. It has been so nice to not have a moving timeline. Since my in-laws owned the house we last lived in we haven't had to be out by a certain time and we move at our own pace. I know at times they have wanted us to speed up the process but we'll be out soon.

I have quite a few posts that are needing to be written and I hope there is time for that soon. Right now I am a full time mommy and loving every minute of it. I finally unpacked my sewing machine a few days ago while Lilly was at Grandma's and it was nice!

So look forward to Lilly's 2nd birthday, finishing her princess and the pea quilt top, the girls' room mural and much more!

love ya,

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