Friday, June 3, 2011

Family Friday- Hodge Podge

Family Friday
Since I missed a lot for a few weeks I am going to be catching up. Today will be some little things that happened that are worth mentioning.

First this is our living room flat screen TV below. I had a rough bout with the morning sickness with little Gummi Bear as Baby #2 is affectionately known because of it's appearance in it's first sonogram. Anyways. I was laying on my bed trying not to vomit and Lilly was in the living room (15 feet away) watching VeggieTales. I remember thinking God Bless VeggieTales. She is being so sweet in there while I have maybe 10 minutes to recover. The I walk in there and hear a funny noise. She had founf a pencil off our computer desk and decided to color all the VeggieTale things. When the TV was on I could barely see through it. I cried. I called Clayton and he did not answer I had no idea what to do. Luckily she had not punctured the screen so I just started wiping it with whatever I could find....a baby wipe. Low and behold it worked. Every bit of it came off. I cried again. Clayton finally called back and I told him everything. Luckily he did not have to stress about it. Also I can't believe I thought to take pictures before I freaked out.

Lilly has taken to sleeping pretty well lately in whatever situation she happens to be in. Sometime it is in the car where she is completely bent over in her carseat. Sometime she is on the couch sitting up and then sometimes she finds weird places like this one. I not complaining just documenting. She is in a papasan chair kinda shaped like a U.

Clayton's Birthday. This is the day after he got hired permentatly at Alcon and a week after we found out about Gummi Bear so I think he looks way less stressed than normal.

The next two pictures are of Lilly insisting that she eat a very sour pickle. Even though after every bite she made a horrible face. Oh well at least she is determined and she loves her some pickles just like her mommy.

Well that's all for this family Friday.

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