Monday, June 6, 2011

Moving Monday: Project: Move

Temporarily Mondays will now be Moving Mondays.

My last post spilled the beans on our house purchase and over the weekend the inspection went fairly well so as soon as we hear back from the sellers on some repairs we will be moving forward fully to our closing date.

Being somewhere between 18 and 20 weeks pregnant I am supposed to be glowing and full or energy...but I am not. I also have to watch my exertion level due to my blood pressure. It seems anytime I have a lot to do in a few short days up goes my bp and thus down I go onto temporary bed rest. So my goal is to have a plan for this move.

Luckily we are only moving about 6 miles. We have lots of friends and family who have already offered to help out. In fact I have a friend who wants to drive over an hour to come help me set up the new baby's nursery. My sister in law wants to organize everything and help me clean before we get in. I am really blessed in this department.

Clayton and I have moved three or four time together since we have been together. First I moved into the dorms, then out, then back in, then out, then we both went to college, him to a dorm, me to an apartment, then both to another apartment, then both to Houston, then both here now. Whew! So we have moved quite a few times. So if I have experience and volunteers why am I scared you ask?

......I have never moved a child. Isn't it going to be weird for her to move to a new place? She'll have all her things in places she is not used to and there is really no way for me to warn her because I tell her all the time but she just looks at me and smiles or laughs. I know it really wont be traumatic or anything but I am just worried.

Also I need to get my tail in gear because we have exactly 1 box packed and it was Clayton that did that measly 1 box of DVDs. I can't decide what we can live without for the next 3-4 weeks and I don't want to waste space in the few tubs we do have before we go get some boxes. Mostly though, I can't stop looking/ shopping for things I know we need. I am all about looking forward and I just wish I could be making small car trips back and forth now taking things without really having to pack it all up. It would make my life so much easier. Oh well.

I hope to have a much better report next week about the progress of Project: Move. My goal 4 more boxes and have gone to Ross to ask for boxes for moving. I hear they give you bunches for FREE!

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