Friday, June 17, 2011

Family Friday- Luke, Lilly and the Motorcycle

Even though my family is not really related to Luke they sure adore him. So I asked Hillary if we could keep him for the day and we went to my parents to let the kids play.

First they played all over the tricycle. Lilly loves the be pushed around on it and she usually wears this tiny baby helmet and elbow pads.

We were mostly on the grass though so no big deal.

She thought she was so cool sitting on it backwards.

My dad pushing her.

Sweet girl

What one does the other has to too so on jumps Luke.

The we gave Luke his first Motorcycle experience. He loved it!

This is Lilly's second time on the bike and she doesn't want off once she gets on.

She knows where Grandpa turns it on and so she tries to touch the same stuff to make it roar!

Luke looking at all the buttons to push.

Looks like a natural.

We need to send this one to Daddy.

Luke didn't want off either.

Lilly resting on the swing.

My dad with Luke. They all just love that Luke will come to them and let them hold him. Lilly is all over the place and wont stay still for them. We had so much fun with Luke. It wont be the last time we take him for a little family time.

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