Thursday, June 2, 2011

Three Things Thursday

I'm slowly getting the hang of this blogging thing again. A new development this week will probably make it slower still but I am not giving up, are you?

Three Things Thursday


1. We Bought A House!
Yep we have been looking since Clayton got hired permanently at Alcon and have been through some heartbreaks but this house is wonderful. We did go with only a 3 bedroom when we wanted a 4 but we are closing in half of the garage to make a CRAFT ROOM!!!!/office so it all evens out. It is in our hometown and a little old but has been completely updated. It has a gorgeous sunroom and it completely what we want. We are so excited. This is the thing that will make blogging slow for a while because we have roughly three weeks to pack and get completely ready to move our life into our own home!

2. Baby Update: I'm still baking along. When I went to my last appointment I had lost 2 pounds which is good when you start out over weight so I am down a total of 5 lbs and back to weighing what I weighed when I had Lilly. She also told me I am measuring still 2 weeks shy of what I thought my due date would be (October 20th) and so I am pretty convinced now that my due date is now Nov 6. I am still sure I will have an October baby but now when people ask I am no longer 20 weeks today!!! I am 17 weeks 4 days. I also scheduled my 20 week sonogram for June 23rd and that is when I will find out the gender. I am planning on keeping it a secret and having a gender reveal party. I have no idea how this will work out but at least I will try. On a much sadder note Clayton's cousin who was about 5 weeks behind me lost her baby yesterday. I am terribly sad for her and her sweet family. I cannot stop worrying now about this little one too. can't wait till the sonogram so I can see Gummi Bear is ok.

3. In all of this Chaos we are taking another small vacation in a week. Clayton, me and the babe are packing up and heading to Galveston. We used to live in Houston so first we are going to stop and see some friends and then get to the Island a little later. It will be Lilly's first trip to the coast, well at least on the outside because last time I was pregnant we went to Galveston for our anniversary. It was only a 40 minute drive from where we lived and we just woke up and went. Not that easy this time but I am sure tons more fun! We can't wait.

Our lives are a little crazy right now on top of all this we have Father's Day, Clayton moving to second shift, Gender Reveal Party, July 4th and Lilly's 2nd Birthday all within a little over a month. I am stressing myself out just putting it all down for you to read. Yikes! But in a good way.

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