Thursday, May 26, 2011

Family Friday- SeaWorld

Family Friday: SeaWorld

I somewhat started my maternity leave May 20th at 3:15 pm. I wasn't counting down or anything. All year long I did long-term substitute positions all around our school district. My last one, kindergarten, ended and now I am a SSAHM, Summer Stay-at-home mom. We celebrated by Clayton taking Monday off and heading down to San Antonio Saturday morning to visit SeaWorld.

This is Lilly telling me what she is doing....watching Veggietales, duh! Between Pistachio and her 2 hour nap we made the 4 hour drive just fine.

Somehow I didn't bring my camera on day 1 so this is the beginning of day 2 outside the park. I love how she is pointing at just the right place that if this was a 3D pic it's be awesome.

First thing we did was feed the dolphins on Sunday and it was amazing. They came within inches of your face. They made all kinds of crazy noises and we got to pet them.

Then we went to SeaWorld's water park

Clayton taking Lilly down a kiddie slide. I love how they provided great life vests and there was a lot for her to do even though she is only 22 months.
She did great but this was the end of her first trip and she was kinda taken aback.

We also did the wave pool (she's not a fan), the kiddie place and the lazy river. This is her when we finally put her in the stroller and left. It took no time.

After a show and some lunch we went to feed the sea lions.

Lilly so wasn't interested in touching the fish, at least today she wasn't, the next day she was all over it.

Playing with the fan with ice cold water in it. one of the best things we could have taken cause in teh park they weren't soft blade which would have been painful for Lilly and they cost a small fortune.
On the Riverwalk

We ate at our normal...the Original.
Day 3 morning we saw Shamu. We had already seen his show and been talking about him for days BUT this did not prepare Lilly for him. She wasn't ok with being that close to him. I didn't even tell her that he killed that trainer in Florida...good thing.

Back to watch other people feed the dolphins.

Waiting to feed the Lorikeets.

Love his face.

At first she did not know what to think.

Mommy has all the luck. All the birds wanted to land in her hair.

I just got bit. They don't really hurt when they bite so they grad a piece of skin and then start turning their head back and forth like trying to tear meat! That hurts.

Lilly so wanted one to land on her but they said the red ones weren't good for little kids.

Mommy and Lilly in line to ride a small kids ride.

The it was on to Bay of Play the new Sesame Street kid water park. It was like a hug splash pad surrounded by rides and then a show or two. PERFECT!!!

Yep she was kicking the water and smack kicked a little boy in the face.

This is where Daddy was staying close but not wanting to get wet and this big water feature was tripped and dumped all over him. He was so soaked.

After a top for some souvenirs we were saying bye to SeaWorld and little miss Lilly was out. But that did not stop me from getting a family pic with Shamu.

Oh these are out of place but oh well. We saw a Sesame Street show and Lilly was freaking out like it was N'SYNC or something.

In the show she wandered to the front and then just held her hand up for them to get her. Eventually Burt bent down and grabbed her hand it was so sweet.

We had a blast and if you ever need a vacay for a little one to enjoy too. We completely recommend SeaWorld because we all loved it.

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