Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Untouchables # ....?!?

image from google!?!


I DVRed all these movies from my list and was going to watch 1 a day between my purposeful play with Lilly, her nap and Lunch. As you saw yesterday I was disappointed with Goodfellas and my next movie was Untouchables and it was another mob movie so I was less than thrilled cause I just knew it was going to be the same as before...

But I was happily surprised. I loved it. First it helped that the cast was recognizable. That wasn"t a problem in Goodfellas either though. Then it helped that it was from the "good guys" point of view. Really I just loved this movie. I can't even explain why. I loved the old man from Indiana Jones and especially his accent. I loved Kevin Costner. I loved the maverick style law-man. I just was enthralled and couldn't wait to cross it off my list....


it is not on my list. I missread Unforgiven and then when Untouchables showed up on my guide I just thought it was that movie. Damn. It should have been a top 100. Good plot. Good story build up. Fair amount of blood and gore and fair amount of love and compassion. All around great.

Highly recommend it.

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