Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Goodfellas # 94

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OK so I watched Goodfellas yesterday. It is on my top 100 movies and was on AMC so I DVRed and watched it yesterday morning with my Lilly who thank goodness is too young to care what is on TV let alone know what they are doing. This movie was very gruesome and gory. I like the mafia and mobster type films but the ones set back in prohibition and the 20's not 70s and 80s. I wasn't in love movie. I liked the characters and the voice over but could have had more depth and less distance in the death of friends, but that was how it was. I also liked the ending and that it was based on a true story and real people. It was especially surprising to me that Paul Cicero died right here in Fort Worth in 1989. Crazy.
I guess this is my kind of history but I would rather read it than watch it cause I can imagine it sans blood.
No I am not a baby that can't handle blood but this movie it just rubbed me the wrong way.
Overall a good movie to watch with the Hubs because they kinda get a kick out of that but also just glad to say it is off my list, I have seen it and don't have to see it again!

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