Sunday, April 18, 2010

Relay For Life 2010

This is Lilly and her cousin Ralph at Relay For Life 2010.

We always have a team and this is my 7th year to participate with Team Cermak. That's our team's name in memory of Dawn's Father (Clayton's grandfather). The first year he was there with them and ever since it has been in memory. Then my grandmother passed away from cancer and then Lori and so on. So we really try to raise as much as we can every year to cure this terrible disease.

Lilly, of course, loved all the boxes.

Our team used to sell 2 things. Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Confetti Eggs. Well party-pooper Burleson put all these restrictions on food and you have to prepare it in a church or school and have to have a food handler's permit and other junk. It was a lot of work when this is the only thing all year that we would use it for so we went to only confetti eggs.

That's our campsite.

This year we bought 672 doz. eggs to sell because previously we have ordered 400 doz. and sell out about 9 or 10 pm.

Holly and Lilly playing at the campsite.

We did really well considered that it rained out about 10:00pm. Well not officially but with babies we decided to leave. We made 2,000 dollars and still had 200 doz eggs left so we have a head start on next year. I even made about 50 dollars selling Lilly's Frillies Stuff. I was so stoked.

But my ribbon got wet and molded so it was pretty much a wash since my left over materials to make more got ruined. Oh well it was for a great cause and we had a blast. I even won a cake at the cake walk!

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