Friday, April 30, 2010

This Weekend

So Clayton and I are going away this weekend. Sans Lilly.

We aren't going far but it is an entire weekend away from our sweet Lills. We have all sorts of plans that involve a lot of relaxing and good food. We are also bringing along our Wii so we can finally play without taking turns of playing with Lilly too.

I will miss her tons and probably ask for pictures by the hour. It is really weighing on my mind that I will miss an entire day of her life. Saturday May 1st I will not see her at all! That is epic.

All of this is because of our wedding anniversary that it on Monday the 3rd. It will be 2 years for us!

After this weekend time in on overdrive and before you know it summer will have come and gone. So I want to relish it. In fact Alexandra (sis in law) got in the pool yesterday so it is already starting!

Since it isn't really our anniversary yet I am only putting a picture of before we were married. This is right before when we still couldn't see each other yet.

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