Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Easter Lilly

Little Miss Lillian Olivia had her very first Easter and boy was it precious.
This is our sweet family on our way to church.

Here Lilly is with her Granddaddy and her new Baby that the Easter Bunny brought Lilly. She is wearing the sweet outfit that her great great great aunt Lily Mae made for her before she was born. There was a bonnet, jacket and blanket that all matched. We just love it, it is so sweet.

Kissing her baby.
Playing with an egg in her Easter Dress at Grandma's and Granddaddy's after church.

Lilly and Great Grandpa were working on her first taste of cantelope and she loved it. She just looked at him like he had opened an entire new world to her, a world of fresh fruit.

Laster in the day at Uncle Scott and Aunt Michele's Lilly was completely entertained by one of those balls that you hold the rubberband and punch it. She just chased it around on the floor though.


Lilly and Daddy mentally preparing for the egg hunt ahead. Luckily Daddy and the Easter bunny are like this ~twists to fingers extremely close together~ and he knew where all teh eggs were hid.

Getting the basket ready to recieve. Isn't it a cute basket to have for her whole life? That's what I told Clayton when he saw how much I paid for it. Oh and it was on sale so worries!

Going in deep for this one. I thought this was the first one she had founf but the purple one in the basket would make me a liar.

Showing Mommy the orange one she just got out of a bush.

Doesn't know if she wants the eggs in the basket because then she cannot play with them.

Alright there are only two hands and so far three eggs so reason won out and in the basket they went.

She is so cute! Notice the shoes. And the Ruffles. Swoon!

Found another one...she was a natural.

Ok so we found 18 in all and held our own against the big kids. Overall a wonderful Easter and even better with my sweet Easter Lilly.

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