Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I have never done a blog party before but I am super excited!

Welcome to all who come from the blog party! I am a newish mom who is newish to blogging and just trying to find a balance in my life to be a mom, housewife, teacher, make my bow business work, create, use my sewing machine, love my hubby and sleep! They don't seem to all fit in one day!

My goals for the month of April include posting more often, taking more pictures of the stuff I do and my sweet Lilly Pie, and multitasking!

Oh PS become of a fan of my facebook page for Lilly's Frillies! Just search LillysFrillies! I might post a link but that newish to blogging has me wondering how so until then, I leave you with a pic of my adorable reason for living.

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