Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Summer 2010 Bucket List

My sister-in-law Morgan and I are starting a bucket list for this summer. She is still in high school and I am a teacher so we are both off this summer. To pass the time and get a lot accomplished we have created the mega-list of fun. We are finished adding to it so it will continue to grow as each of us deems fit.

This is why I posted the previous two posts because they appear on the Bucket List 2010 as we are calling it. The actual list is going to be a separate post all together so it can be all by its self.

Also I want to clarify the whole story of my bucket list idea. Morgan and I have been making this list for about a month. It lives in my iPhone's notepad. Then when I was reading my friends blog 25 before 25 and she has a list of 25 things she wants to complete before she turns 25. Once I saw hers I knew I wanted to post mine on my blog. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right? Well here Christy: FLATTERY!

On another note the book list and the movie list are like hers too but I have been working on them since I was in college and just decided to restart my attempt this summer. That is hwy I already have 49 of the movies watched.

Look for other book lists to be posted because I am working on a few. The one posted, 100 best children's books, 100 best classics, etc. You'll see.

Not many reader's as of yet but if anyone wants to leave a comment about things we should add to the list it would be considered and added. Thanks

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