Monday, November 2, 2009

Lilly's 3 month pictures

Lilly was scheduled to take pictures on the 13th of October. The her photographer came down with Swine Flu and it was best to just wait it out. So a week later on the 20th all was clear so we went ahead with the photo shoot. This is the results and I love love them!
She was a frog for Halloween and this is her adorable costume!

Even a little anger was so cute.
Another tutu shot because I feel the last ones did not due her or it justice.

Some with me and her because those as so few and far between. Plus it was so close to my birthday!
I love the flower...I made it of course!
My favorite thing is her tights...they go over her feet like 80's jazzercise pants and look so perfect!
My goal is to take her picture every month on or close to the 13th and I hope I can keep it up because its so cute and important to me to have a lot of pictures of her. My next appointment is the 13th of November...Thank you Lord for giving me so many special people gifted in photography and want to do this for me for free!

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