Sunday, November 15, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Oh man it has almost been a week. I think when there is a lot to post about I stress about remembering it all so I don't post at all.
First I got a stick family at the top of the page and a Christmas countdown at the bottom...I love them.
We also found out that Cade is getting home on the 4th to NC and then will make his way over here ASAP so he can be here for Luke's birth, we hope!
It is only a week, well less, until New Moon. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was like..."Gosh that is going to be forever from now".
All week I got to shop for the school at the book fair. I think I found my calling. Spending someone else's money! It was fantastic.
Lilly had her 4 month check up. She is 25 inches long and that makes her in the 75th percentile, She weighs exactly 13 lbs and that puts her in the 40th percentile and her head I can't remember but she's in the 65th percentile. Dr was impressed with her motor skills and told me to start cereal. We decided to giver her the first cereal on Thanksgiving so it would be like her feast! Lol we are silly...well mostly me. She got 5 shots, one oral and the rest the usual way, it was so so sad.
Friday was MIL's birthday so we went to dinner. When we got back Lilly was fussy. She felt hot so we took temp and it was 100.6....dr told me to call hospital if went over 100.3 so we did. They said might be shots but unlikely since it had been well over 24 hours. So we gave her medicine.
It was 4 months so it was also picture day...she wasn't thrilled. We got some cute ones but not good enough for our family Christmas card so we are going to do them again. IDK when though.
Here are some of my favs:

Elk Bow I made! and look at that lip!
My mom and dad and Little Lills in her Christmas dress
Aunt Hills and baby Luke still on the inside...he should be here soon!
Dee Daw and Lilly
Mommy and Daddy kissing their girl.
Still asleep from the fever and medicine.
so simple.
She loves those feet.
My First Christmas hat.
I had to split the back seam because her head was too big....apparently made for the 25 percentile not 65.

Since she was sick she skipped the Elks playoff game we went to at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium and went home with my parents.
We went on to the game and it was fun but I got tired quick. We came home and got Lilly, went home and went to bed as soon as Miss Lilly would let us.
Tomorrow are plans all involve cleaning, laundry and resting for the week ahead.

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