Sunday, November 15, 2009

Catch up on some stuff

OK so I forgot that adding pictures puts them in reverse of how I choose the most recent is at the top and it goes backwards in time. :)

First we have Lilly in a Princess Aurora wig for my build a bear, I just wanted to see what she looked like with blonde hair!
This is what we had for lunch today...bacon cheddar Fries...yummy!
Here is Clayton whipping up the bacon.
This is my most recent fabric purchase and Lilly's soon to be blankt.

I still need a brown and a cream I think to round it all out.

Here are my two favorite people. Daddy is excited and Lilly has spit up on her shoulder. She still looks cute supporting her Aggies...even if they lost horrifically.
Here is Lilly's first quilt her momma is making her for Christmas...I just layed it out to get a good idea about how I wanted it. This first way is the way it will be.
This was my other option...but now the stripes will be on the back.
Close up of two of the squares.

Lilly's new favorite thing to do....
eat her feet....
and do baby push ups.
This is her on Halloween before her costume...she looks adorable.
Told ya the last one was a long time ago...

I just wanted this post to catch up with the stuff I have been doing.

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