Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Late Night Flowers in Bed

I haven"t really gotten the hang of being a mom and doing anything at the same time. That leads me to what I did tonight. As soon as I got Lilly to bed after feeding her (which took longer than usual) I pulled at the computer and checked my normal sites... Facebook, stepheniemeyer, gmail and then some crafting blogs before I settled in to wanting to do something towards my goal: my new business...Lilly's Frillies! So I got out my flowers and started hot gluing them right here in bed beside DH and Lilly. I finished 2, a orange Gerber daisy and a big one that I think is a peony and purple. I loved making them. I have enough gems to make 37 but enough flowers to make about 150 and I want to make them all tonight...yet I have no one to sell to...sad face.

I am going to set up an etsy but I have to wait until I have more inventory to showcase. So far all I have is 2 tutus, 3 bows and now 2 flowers. I still have yet to make the burp clothes and blankets that I want to before I set it all up. Its so hard when I do not know how to do anything when I am with the baby alone. This is most of the time since I wake up with her and then I am with her till I leave for work. When I get home I take her and feed her since she has been with my grandmother and then with Clayton for the 4 hours I am at my part time job. Then I am with her until she goes to bed for the night which is about midnight. Then I either get on here for too many hours and have a crappy day after or I am too tired after that crappy day and go to bed with Lilly.

Its also hard because I have about a million ideas. Its life after having Lilly I want to make everything. I am all about organizing, decorating, scrapbooking, sewing, making bows, and clothes. Plus more probably that I cannot think about right now. I am trying to go back to school for my third degree a masters of library sciences but then I am also looking at a PhD in Children's Literature. Its all so urgent and important feeling but it seems what I spend most of my time doing is looking at my 2-month-old and just loving her.

I hope to upload some pictures of my flowers and maybe tutus and bows tomorrow. That is if I do not go into the crappy day cycle again.

P.S. I am new to this whole blogging and I need to know how to get cooler looking stuff than the settings and layouts have to do I do this? Please help if you can!

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