Monday, September 28, 2009


Today was a wash for anything creative.
I even woke up earlier than I have been lately. Lilly was extremely fussy, whiny and needing to be held all day. So that meant I could barely suck down some cereal during the day.
I did however go to work. I just started a few weeks ago working at a local elementary school. Its only in the after school program so its from 2:30 to 6:00. I find it perfect to give me some free time, give my grandmother and Clayton some time with Lilly and also give me the cash I need to pay my student loans off plus a little on the side to play with!
Since I am a certified teacher I have been assigned the homework club. This wouldn't be so bad but how it works is parents sign their children up to come do homework with me for 30 minutes a day. All the other children whose parents don't sign them up (which is most) are at free recess. This poses a problem because my students cry and complain the whole 30 minutes that they want to go play. As soon as they finish they are allowed to go so what do most of them do....not bring any homework. So then I make them read if they bring nothing. So they cry and whine more.
SO my whole goal in all of this is to hold these students more accountable to their homework. This is all I have been able to do today. Work on how to get my homework club to work.

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