Friday, September 25, 2009

Lilly's photo shoot

Lilly-O had a photo shoot about a week ago. It was just the best all around because the photographer has a special philosophy about pictures and believes people should just pay what they can. For living on a budget that has absolutely no room for excess this was perfect. We gave her $50 and she came out to our house, shot for about an hour or so and we go some gorgeous pictures of our angel.

In some of the shots she is wearing a tutu I made her and plan to put up in my etsy store when I get enough inventory to open it. (soon I hope) She was wearing a bow I made as well but it did not make it into the pics somehow. I just love these pics and my little girl!

I now have a nephew. Nikolas Shane was born Monday in the mid-afternoon and weighed the same as my Lilly. This made me realize I am behind on my goal because I was going to have his burp clothes done and ready to mail the day he was born but I still have to sew them! Oh well it will get done soon and be ready to mail in no time. I will post pictures of them as soon as they are done but I have a few more to pin and get ready before I sew because I am going to sew them all at once.

Tomorrow my husband Clayton and his father are going to start on Lilly's room. Someday maybe once it's complete maybe I will divulge into our living situation but not now, all I am saying now is how happy I am she is getting a room. All they really need to do this weekend is cut doors, paint floor, patch walls and paint walls white. Then we can move furniture and paint rest on our on schedule. I will also post pictures of before soon because transformation pictures are always my favorites. He said it should be all done by next weekend but I am hoping to get to move things in on Sunday.

I cannot wait for's my favorite month of the year and my birthday!

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