Sunday, September 27, 2009

Projects in Progress

So with Lils falling into a routine as well as myself I find I have a little more time to get stuff done. This is especially true if I monopolize on the time when my family wants to hold Lilly. SO I take my cratft bag everywhere! Its only sad because my craft bag right now...until I can make a new the rubbery bad the hospital sent me home with.

Right now I have about a hundred things running around in my head to get done so getting them down will help me remember, like a to do list.

1. Burp Cloths- I am making 8 burp cloths, 2 for my sis-in-law who had a baby last Monday, 2 for my other sis-in-law who is due in December, 2 for me in a paisley and 2 more for me in my absolute favorite fabric in the whole world. These are almost done so I can post pics probably tomorrow after I sew them. They are already all pinned and everything.

2. Boppy Pillow Covers- I am making 3 boppy covers, 2 for the sis-in-laws that match burpies and one for me out of that same amazing fabric.

3. Applique onesies- i am making at least 3 applique onesies that I found on another blog but I can't remember whose right now. I will post that once I remember. They are super cute and I already bought the onesies and tulle needed. Now I gotta pick out the perfect fabric and get the applique paper.

4. Blanket- With the last of the perfect fabric I will make Lilly a simple blanket for tummy time or carseat.

5. Quilt- I have one of the three fabrics for a simple quilt I need to make for Lilly for Christmas. I need to start now because it will take me that long.

6. ABC's book- I am throwing sis's baby shower at end of October so I have to get everything ready to make an ABC's book that will be completed at shower as a gift. It takes a lot of prep but will be worth it.

7. I found these wonderful onesies with freezer paper necklaces on them kinda like Hannah Montana and they are supposedly super easy so I will let you know.

8. I am also trying to get my etsy shop up and running.

9. I am getting inventory of bows and flower headbands made so I can get Lilly's Frillies off the ground.

Whew! That's a lot but to be positive I am going to post what I have gotten done!

1. Tutus- I made 2 red, white and blue tutu's one for Lilly and one for her aunt who is 2. They were adorable and there is a pic posted on here about 3 posts down.

2. I made about 15 flowers for headbands but need to attach clips.

Now I am mad I spent so much time blogging when I could have been working.

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