Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Window Shopping Wednesday

As I said a couple of posts ago I plan on taking more time for this blog and thus more posts.

Wednesdays will appeal to the side of me that wants-but can't have. You see I have been looking for a job (teaching) for close to two years. That is ok because I have a little one and time not working is time with her...I am not complaining. However recently, like right before Christmas, was told he would be losing his job soon. We are blessed that it hasn't happened yet and we are saving like crazy for that day that will surely come. Meanwhile he is looking for a job and I am turning up the heat on my search as well.

This little set back has taken any discretionary money away and we are just striving to survive. Thus I window shop!

Today is a big random bunch of stuff that is actually on my list for when I have money again. These will be our family's first purchases.

First a prime lenses for my new DSLR because I am working on a goal of getting paid for taking pictures of someone before next Christmas. I think this lenses would help out!
Another goal is to make Lilly some wearable clothing. I think from research I have done and from other blogs that a serger would help too. My least favorite parts would be helped by this so I am excited!
We had a blu-ray player that went out sometime last summer. Some of my favorite movies we own are only in blu-ray (twilight!!!) so we need to replace this. A plus that put it on my husbands radar is that we have netflix and it is only in our livingroom and we would both like it in our bedroom and this would accomplish that!

Lastly is my kindle! I already call it mine because I need it and it needs me. I am an avid reader and I soon plan on going back to school so this is a must. I got my mom one for Christmas and she adores it. The hubs and me are going to share it but I am salivating over the books already. Hubs said the day he gets a job he will order it for me.

Next Wednesday we will make Window Shopping Wednesday more about crafting...maybe even an all fabric one!


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