Friday, January 28, 2011

Princess and the Pea for my princess

I am in love with Fairy Tales. I know every Disney movie word for word and own them to boot. My new thing is reading retold fairy tales. It has just reignited my love for them. They are so sweet and special while usually teaching good morals, and have strong roles for women. I just all in all love them. I wish I lived in one. So...

I found this tutorial at Moda Bake Shop for a Princess and the Pea Quilt and loved every inch of it. I even decided I had to use the same fabric (which is old and not printed anymore yikes!!). I bought two of the Honey Buns because I eventually want to make one for my almost 4 SIL. I haven't bought any of the border fabric, backing fabric, binding, or even the top part with the princess applique. So i have really just bought the mattresses and the sheets. It will be a long-process quilt but that's ok with me and I am making it big enough for Princess Lilly to grow into.

Here is my Honey Bun!

I just love the colors they scream fairy tale, happily ever after, all that.

I have 20 "mattresses" sewn together so far and every 5 I slip in a sheet which is just pretty trim I picked out on my own. Most are lace and one is pleated satin.

This is the overview so far. I love the long strips of fabric. They really do look like mattresses.

This is the rest all jumbled up and getting ready to sew.

I think I will also make a doll quilt similar and a doll to sleep with her when its finally ready.

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  1. Adorable! The trims you are using really look great.