Friday, January 28, 2011

Family Friday-Family Pictures

It will take me a lot of time to get all caught up on family in the last few months and I may not even go in any order backwards or forwards so oh well. Family Friday will be posted here and on my family blog so I guess this is mostly for me and my family but in case anyone else wants to know the sweetest, best people on this Earth then here ya go.

December 30th 2010-

The Cermak side of the family needed entire family portraits so we got hooked up with this amazing lady and we went to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens and just let loose.

This was a huge tree that was over 200 years old and had a huge little hole in and Lilly was digging it.
The more immediate family. Dawn, Morgan, Cade, Hills, Luke and us. Oh and notice Bob. He is on Clayton's knee and really helped keep Lilly occupied.

Horrible face/ chins for me but Lilly is adorable.

The Boys-

The Girls- p.s. who forgot to tell me to tuck in my tummy when taking a picture otherwise you look 9 months pregnant :(
All the Cousins with wives and babies-

The originals-

We had a blast and I will for sure go back there to get some photography practice with just Lilly!

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