Monday, January 24, 2011

New Year

My personal mantra is if you are on time you are late! I have a big hang up on punctuality.

That is why I cannot fathom why it has been since November 23 since the last time I posted.

I really want this blog thing to work out and I need to do more so I need to just accept the fact that it is going to take planning and work. Even though it is over 3 weeks late I am going to put into words my New Year's revolutions.

1) My body needs work this year, get it healthy with diet, exercises and all around care. Take the time to fix my hair, wear make-up, shave my legs and dress nicely. This pleases my husband and thus honors the Lord.

2) 30 books

3) Read the Bible in 90 days ( Doing great so far!!!)

4) Save up $10,000 dollars for a home...whenever it is we get to buy one.

5) Join Bible study/ Adult Bible Fellowship

6) Lead by example for my daughter by keeping a clean and tidy home

7) Learn how to use my new DSLR camera completely

8) Blog more consistently and get some followers

9) Make Lilly some clothes

10) Get Pregnant

11) Go on a vacation

12) Get a job!

For now this is all. I will be back soon!

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