Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why I have been gone

Wow it has been almost a month since I have written.

I know everyone has a crazy Christmas time so that is only part of my excuse.

So early on December 13th my husband and I were going into town from our sweet little back-house at his dad's. When we go into town its for the whole day as not to waste gas and to get to see everyone. We stopped by his dad's and talked to his step-mom since his dad was outta town.

Ok jump back a week or so to December 3rd. Clayton's mom and sister are in North Carolina because Cade, his Marine brother is coming back from deployment. He comes in that Saturday the 5th (a day late) and we are all so happy. None of us here in Texas will get to see him though, including his wife who is 37 weeks pregnant because though he is back he cannot go on leave till Dec. 23rd. Hillary the Wife is inducing the you do the math, he will barely miss it. So sad. Ok so back on story Clayton's dad goes out to see Cade after Mom and Sister get back.

With his dad out of town we go to see his step-mom. Roy, the dad, is coming home that day from NC and its also Lilly's 5 months! We are going to go see Santa too. Everyone keeps teasing that Cade will get to come home in time because last year he surprised us all for Christmas on the 23rd when he wasn't supposed to come home. We ask Sandra if she knows anything. She says no but we keep on until she breaks and tells us that Cade is on the same flight home with Roy. Cade wanted to surprise everyone but we decided to turn the tables on him. So we all go off to call everyone and get it all planned. The plane was supposed to land at 4:45 but got delayed until 10:45pm. Yikes its a Sunday and we all have work tomorrow. We make it up there though and surprise him. It was so good to see him. I had not seen him since the day after his wedding last April. His wife had not seen him since May 11th and she was busy puking her guts out at that time. He had never seen her pregnant, well noticeably at least. See they got pregnant on their wedding night and had only seen each other 11 days since they got married because he deployed a month later so he was in the Middle East and she was in Texas.
Cade was so surprised he turned bright red but was also so happy to see Hillary and he loved her huge belly. This was also Cade's first time to see Baby Lilly. He loved her too. we had a lot of fun those three days before....
That Thursday Hillary was induced and Baby Luke came at 2:50pm. Everyone made it to the hospital just in time. Well most of us had been there all day, even Lilly, but Clayton made it from work just on time at 2:45pm. Baby Luke was so tiny, it is hard to remember Lilly being that small. I will post more about him later. Then there was Christmas with all sides of the family. Then New Years and the 3rd was Cade's 20th birthday. Today in an hour I leave to take Hillary to take Cade to the airport. She doesn't want to drive so I am for her. He is going back to duty in NC. Hillary can't leave until Feb 6th. One Month! Cade wont see his brand new baby that he calls Bubba (adorable) for a whole month. I just die every time i think of that. She can't leave because she has to wait for her 6 week check up after delivery.
That's the worst part. When Hillary leaves I am losing not only my SIL but my best is going to be really hard to be away from them 3.
So this is why I have been super busy, I have been soaking up Cade, Luke and Hillary time. Not to mention Clayton was off and I was taking in some family time there too.
I have a lot to show you, a lot that I have done and a lot to do!

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