Monday, January 11, 2010

Family Photos for the New Year

...and the New Family.

Since baby Luke was born our family grew and since last New Years our family has grown by 3! Hillary married Cade, our sweet Lilly Olivia and then most recent Luke Silas. Here are our family photos from 01-01-10.
(Don't you just hate how good Hillary looks after having a baby 2 weeks before this)

So sweet!
Lilly knows he is something special and she knows she loves him! Already kissing him.
Mostly though she just wanted to touch him and that manifested in pulling his ear the whole time.
She loves being the big cousin....for now.
I made that bow!
Here is the cutie Luke wide awake!

The original three sibilings
Auntie M and her niece and nephew
Lilly loves her so much!
The sweet new family.
Our lovely family!
The siblings and their families
The new parents all together!
Those brothers are so darn cute!
The boys of the family with Dee Daw
All the girls
Dee Daw and her girl
The grandkids
Finally the whole gang!

This was day one of family pics. We had more the next day with the Pops and Manny.

My family will takes pics in April...well maybe march just depends when everyone can get together.

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