Monday, January 18, 2010

Ok sorry this is so late I have been away from home this weekend a lot since it is a holiday weekend.

Last week went well. We went all from pantry but that is because we went shopping the week before...this week will be the toughy.

Monday we made the Broccoli and Cheese Soup with Chicken. It was lovely! I ate it for lunch 3 days too!
Tuesday was hamburger helper and I enjoyed it.
Wednesday was the first bump in the road. We ended up eating in town with Clayton's mom and we had spaghetti.
Thursday we made Pot Roast and it was lovely. I made it in the slow cooker and I will definitely do this again.
Friday we went to Antonios with Clayton's mom and had Mexican.
All weekend we were fed by parents. This seems to be a ploy to see Lilly more often.

This coming week will hopefully be a little different because I joined WeightWatchers and its my first week so I can't fall off the wagon so soon. Here is what we ahve got so far:

Monday: Shrimp and Pasta
Tuesday:Chicken Tortilla Soup
Wednesday: Pork Chops, Mac'n'cheese and Green Beans
Thursday:Beef Stew and Bread
Friday: Dinner For Grandpa's birthday
Left Overs for the weekend

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