Thursday, December 10, 2009

Almost Edible Gingerbread Ornaments

At my job in the After School Program at a local elementary school I am in charge of the crafts...well most of them. This week is Holiday Expressions. We have made an advent chain of red and green construction paper, Reindeer thumb prints, tissue paper wreaths, and these wonderful ornaments.
These look and smell like oven-fresh gingerbread cookies. We had to repeatedly tell the kids not to eat them.
I apologize for having no pics just directions and instructions.

To make the "dough" you need
24 oz Applesauce
4 cups cinnamon
1/2 cup glue (kids glue for school is fine)

This makes enough to make 15-25 gingerbread ornaments.

You combine all ingredients and roll it out. I liked best to roll it out half an inch thick. After it is rolled out cookie cut it with little gingerbread men. We let ours dry from Friday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon so they would for sure be done.

Now for the fun kids part.

Each child got one gingerbread man and they could decorate it however they chose.
We had spray glitter in gold and silver. (most kids chose both!)
We had sequins in every color to be glued on.
Finally we had glitter glue in ever color imaginable.
All these led to many fun and different gingerbread men.

This project was really fun to do with 80 kids like I did but also I imagine that it would be fun with just your kids at home!

Plus best part is they smelled heavenly and will remain that fragrant for years to come.
My brother made one in 1st grade and it probably smelled till he was in high school.

On a side note, I had extra dough and made some "poop"ori for Clayton's desk at work. Just rolled it into poop looking piles that smell that same heavenly gingerbread...the man's desk fragrance. He wont be scared to sport that...his friends will think it is hilarious not girlie!

I may come back with pictures but I gotta take them at school!

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