Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Seems like

Seems like I fell of the face of the earth for a while.
Less than 24 hours after writing the last post I came down with the flu. I know couldn't suck worse.
So I was with my mom and about 1:30 I took a power nap. 2 when I woke up I felt funny. By 3 when I was at work I was feeling pretty bad. By 3:30 I had a temp of 100.2. I work at an elem. school so I should have immediately gone home with the low grade fever but I couldn't leave them stranded and I needed the money. By 4 I had aches and chills. I knew my fever was higher but did not take it again. I told my boss I needed to go home but since I am a teacher and not just a leader she wouldn't let me till 5:05. I was dying. I went straight to my parents and fell asleep. My mom called Clayton and told him to bring me medicine. It seemed I was delirious They took my temp it was 102.8. I was wimpering in my sleep. We left and went to Clayton's mom's because she was gonna watch Lilly since I couldn't function. Clayton and sis-in-law went to see New Moon without me and I was so sick for a few days. I feel a lot better now.
I also got to see New Moon finally.
Thanksgiving was amazing. Saw family, ate well and was Thankful.
I need another break from work though, its nice to have everyone off of work and around.
On Thanksgiving day Lilly had her first solid food, rice cereal! She loved it and I love her.
More later...I have pictures of all my crafting, tutorials and even a December to do list.

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